Choosing a right Exhibition Stand Contractor to partner with.

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Choosing a right Exhibition Stand Contractor to partner with.

choosing a exhibition stand contractor

You probably want to ask yourself this question before hiring a stand contractor for your exhibition in order to ensure that the stand contractor is the right fit for delivering spectacular piece of art at the event and the ROI is worth the deal. Since you know it’s purposeful to design exhibition stand in a way that would stand out of the crowd and promises to deliver the message across the audience that is the BRAND VALUE your company have been keeping up in the market, Inarguably there are endless Exhibition Stand Contractor and Designer in Dubai who are operating on a fairly small scale charging a hefty price to companies and failing to create a BUZZ at the exhibition.

In order to under the pre-requisites of choosing a Best Exhibition Stand Contractor in Dubai we have laid out a plan to insure maximum success in your hunt and reach the parameters.

exhiition stand contractor dubai

Checklist for Success:

  • A Total Expert in its field of Creativity– Needless to say that the Exhibition Stands need to be creative and effective to enable you to acquire the attention you want from visitors. A professional stand contractor is one which understands the requirements of the RFQ outlined by the company and keeps an eye on to the minute in creating a stand design taking the elements of the client and ensuring to maximizing the ROI. You also want bright, vivid colors from high-quality printing to ensure your stand makes an impact at the event at large.
  • Design & Planning – An expert booth designer and contractor will ensure that the stand have been designed on the compliance with the regulation laid out by the organizer with necessary regulations and documentations of health and safety compliance and stand height restriction of the venue and electricity requirements for the stand.
  • Scheduling & Execution –Scheduling the production is the right thing to do and you want your contractor to provide a mock up of the Exhibition stand. You don’t want it to be late, whether your stand is ready or not, the show will open! A good contractor will mitigate all risk and leave no stones untouched and guarantees the delivery of the stand before schedule.
  • Onsite Supervision & Delivery – Engaging an exhibition stand contractor to build with quality in place and professionalism. You want to have a quality controller to check the quality and brand guideline and that could be done only when you have an assigned supervisor in checking and ensuring the counterproductive.

Some of the Checklist which outlines on the Success of an Exhibition Stand:

  • Do they understand the ethos of your company?
  • Are they aware of the budget and willing to stay with the reach?
  • Are they expert in delivering quality stand and any evidence from previous made stands?
  • Are they flexible in providing addition services like Photographer, promoters, printing and catering?

Whilst the prospect of saving money is always tempting, sometimes it is worth investing a little more to get it right, after all, do you really want to miss out on potential business for the sake of what may amount to a few hundred pounds saved.

At the end of the day, it is important that you get the most from your exhibition experience and hiring a professional exhibition stand contractor will definitely help you achieve this. With a wide range of design, production, project management, installation and logistics experience, a good exhibition stand builder will alleviate unnecessary stress and pull off exactly what you had in mind.

Let us know if you want us to make it easier for you to chose a right Contractor for your Exhibition in UAE.


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