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August 22, 2016
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August 22, 2016
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Switcher OCTO VUE FX

AED 780 / day

Switcher OCTO VUE FX


OCTO Vue FX by Analog Way is a High Resolution Digital and Analog Computer & Video Up/Down Scaler Switcher. In addition, OVX offers a true scaled preview and many effects including High Resolution PIP in Computer & Video formats. It features many other effects: fading & titling, Hi-Res. logo insertion and frame store. It is fitted with 8 Universal A/V inputs including one DVI, and 4 outputs: 2 Analog and 1 DVI for the Main; 1 Analog for the Preview. It performs an ultra fast and smooth transition between any Video or Computer sources. It also allows a true seamless switching between one computer Input (direct) and any other Video or Computer Input. Make a great presentation seamless with this switcher specially designed for Houses of Worship, Conference Rooms and Large Screen Projection set-ups.

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